Everything wrong with Emtel Airbox

Want to read some catchy words from the mouth of a dead horse? Here you go, https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/how-done-mauritius-pavle-mikuz.

Seriously, take a deep breath and re-read what you just read. Using DOCSIS over the air to compete with FTTH? Boi, you are dreaming and Airbox has moved from FTTA to LTE now. Hard.

Airbox started on the wrong path, and it is still going strong in the wrong lane. First, to compete with FTTH, you are going to need to invest some serious money with a long ROI, ever look at the cost of deploying FTTH in Mauritius? You need to spend at least a third of that amount.

Now what is currently wrong with the current setup? Indoor CPE. The amount of signal loss due to penetration is huge and using indoor CPE is just a cost cutting measure. No need to deploy installation teams which results in a plug and play service at the cost of poor speed. To compete with FTTH, you’ve got to under promise and over deliver. That’s the only way. Look at WTTx offers from Huawei, expensive but quality which competes.

Secondly, 2018 is coming to an end, next year is the year of 5G and yet, Mauritius being among the first to introduce 4G in Africa still lacks 4G+. Are we waiting for Santa to deliver us 4G+? Let’s continue to wait forever, meanwhile the ICTA has given green light to refarm 900 MHz band (https://www.icta.mu/documents/decision_refarming900MHz.pdf) and 2100 MHz band (https://www.icta.mu/documents/Decision_opening_2100MHz.pdf) which is currently used for 3G. Isn’t it high time to introduce 4G in the 800 MHz and 2600 MHz band?

And finally, get some additional international transit. Peak hour shouldn’t be a thing. You’re being checkmate’d by your direct competitor.


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